I get started on diving into BI tools which have been using among the worlds thanks to their friendly user interface and  a huge collection of functions supporting business users and developers. This provides a whole scenario for BI tools market in the world. From this point, I will put an effort to figure out […]

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PRJ-WEEK5 DAY2- Material Research

Self-Service Analytic is not a totally new definition to the whole data citizen, but it, in fact,has limit academic papers talking about it. I have spending time seeking material reference. Fortunately, I found several pdf book. One describes how we can implement Self-Service Analytic in the context of organization after data design suiting  specific department. […]

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In the process of optimizing data storage, Normalization could not ignore in any aspects. It puts a premium on organizing attributes of tables in relational database to minimize redundancy, which involves larger tables into smaller ones and defining the relationship between them It is actually a fundamental insight when I place a seat in DAT502 […]